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K.L. Gilchrist is a graduate of Temple University and Palmer’s Eastern School of Christian Ministry (ESCM). Blessed to enjoy a long career as a technical writer and information designer, she felt drawn to fiction writing as a way to express her love for the Lord. Broken Together is her first novel. Currently writing her second book, Thick Chicks, she lives with her family in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania and worships faithfully at Christian Stronghold Church in Philadelphia, PA. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

About the Author, Version 2.0

My professional biography is above. You know, the one every author must have. It must be brief and easy to read. But come on now, since you took the time to visit me, I have to give you more!

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania where I spent my teen years writing bad poetry, reading every book in sight, and lamenting the fact that I had no ties to New York/Northern Jersey and would never become a part of the Native Tongues crew or write for De La Soul and Queen Latifah.

K.L. Gilchrist
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The writing bug hit me at age 15. Every three months I’d travel with my favorite older cousin, Dawn (rest in peace, I’ll see you when I get there) to DC to see a woman named McCoy who would braid her hair. McCoy had floor to ceiling bookshelves filled to overflowing with books from black writers. As my cousin received micro-braids, I immersed myself in the prose of Alice Walker, J. California Cooper, James Baldwin, Claude Brown, and more. Their words gave me life.

I chickened out as a journalist in college. Even though I joined the campus newspaper, I published one article before deciding  the writers and editors swirling around me were too intimidating for me to continue. After college I became a technical writer for various software companies.

I plunged into the fiction world after college by penning true confession stories for magazines for $125 a pop. They were easy to write and my submission editors were nice to me. Not much money, but enough to fund my expensive makeup habit. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior shortly after my 24th birthday. That’s when I stopped writing romance and confession stories and figured I’d receive inspiration to write Christian fiction. In reality it took fifteen years of growth and maturity for inspiration to arrive.

Broken Together
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I wrote 90% of Broken Together¬† between 4AM and 6AM every morning on an old MacBook. Six months before the book released my trusty MacBook blew up. Literally. The battery melted. How’s that for God telling me its time to move on and write something else?