Want to fund your publishing dream? Rob a liquor store.

Get Money
Photo by Vitaly on Unsplash

Want to fund your publishing dream? Rob a liquor store.

I was just kidding. Please don’t do that to fund your publishing dream. You will go to jail.

But in the movie, Get On Up, there’s a scene where James Brown talks one-on-one with Little Richard at a hamburger stand. Little Richard is on break from his job…flipping burgers. The two discuss their dreams for music stardom, then Little Richard levels with James Brown about what he needs to do. Richard tells James where to go to get some records made up he can distribute. They will cost $100. Richard asks James if he has $100. James says no. Richard tells him to rob a liquor store.

That scene hit home for me, and if you want to publish a book, it should say something to you too. If you’ve got a dream, you find out how much it costs, then go get the money.

What about crowdfunding?

This post is all about funding your book publishing dream. I’m going to keep this brief and to the point. First, you will need money to create a professional looking product. And when you mention that you need money to publish your book, I guarantee you there will be at least one person in your life who mentions using an online platform to crowdfund your book. Ignore that person. I’m against crowd funding a book for one reason. It’s your dream. Not random folk on the Internet. Yours.

You may have the greatest idea in the world, but that doesn’t mean you are entitled to siphon cash from other people’s pockets to gain an audience to read your stuff. Especially now. With platforms like Wattpad, Smashwords, Pronoun, Kindle Direct Publishing, free blogs on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and who knows what else will be available after I publish this blog post, there’s no point.

Want to get your words out there? For goodness sake, just get them out there.

No crowdfunding? What are my other options?

Short and sweet…this is where you get your publishing funds:

  • Your day job. Whatever you do from day to day to make your paper, the day you start writing, start setting aside a percentage of your cash each payday and transfer it to a separate bank account to pay for your publishing team. If you can’t set aside funds from your day job, or you don’t have a day job, or a night job. OR…
  • Contract. What can you do that people will pay for that is NOT against the law or sinful (I’m a faith writer, gotta put that in there). Do that and set aside those monies to fund your publishing.  OR, lastly….
  • Flip It. What books/paraphernalia/appliances/clothing/shoes or other junk do you have in your house or apartment right now that you aren’t using. SELL THAT STUFF. That George Foreman grill? Put it on eBay. A book you never used to study for the LSAT? Sell it on Amazon. The ring your fiance’ proposed with, but then he ran off to another country? Get it appraised and sell it. Jewelry you and your niece created from seashells last summer? Market it on Etsy. Now connect all those seller accounts to your a new bank account you set up for your extra funds and every time something sells, the money automatically funds you. Bonus points for you if you have the time to let the funds marinate in a high yield savings account.

That’s it! Now you know what to do. Start hustling…